Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Chevron Trend

I am loving the popular trends and fashions this year and another one of my favorite looks is the chevron trend! Who ever thought of this and made it popular is my new best friend :) The design is very flattering and super cute! Always stylish and extremely trendy, I'm going to share with you our new Black & White Chevron Maxi Skirt / Dress !

This versatile maxi dress / skirt is only $39.99 !! It is perfect for spring and summer, and not to mention comfortable, flattering and down right cute! The great thing about this black and white chevron skirt is you can accessorize it SO many ways.

Black and white is classic and timeless, so for this look I chose to stick to the theme and add a pop of color, and I LOVE it!! I paired this chevron maxi skirt with my favorite, classic black tank that has cute lace trim, a cute pair of black wedges and my favorite mint cardigan. This outfit is perfect for spring, summer, a date night, lunch date, traveling, you name it! I promise you will get compliments after compliments in this adorable outfit!

 And who said modest wasn't beautiful?!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Nautical - Modest - Trend

I wanted to feature one of my favorite dresses by Mikarose this week. This dress is modest, cute, trendy, comfortable and flattering! This modest dress creates the illusion that you are wearing a top and a skirt, but without the bulk and annoying adjustments all day! I love the tucked in shirt trend, but I DO NOT like when my shirt gets bunched up under my skirt and there is nothing I can do about it with people around. The MaryAnn also comes with an adorable belt.

This modest dress also brings to life one of my favorite color schemes, Navy and Gray! These colors together are classic, but also trendy, cute and fun! This modest dress can be dressed up or dressed down! Where it to church (of course!), work, an interview, a date, or reception! I love the attached pencil skirt, and the adorable ruched sleeves! The neckline also has bow embellishments. You can get the MaryAnn in navy and gray, or the classic black and white.

Again, just because you honor your beliefs of modesty, doesn't mean you can't look fabulous as well! Modesty is beautiful, just like you! Visit our website to see all of our modest and vintage dresses!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Modest Dress - 3 Gorgeous Ways

There are a few aspects in life that I don't see fit to make exceptions too. Dressing modestly and dressing according to modesty standards is one of them. However, I don't think that just because I am choosing to dress modestly means I have to be "plain jane" in my "mom jeans" wearing a pair of crocs! Being modest is a beautiful, and fashionable thing! I think a lot of you would agree with me that finding attractive, modest clothing can be very difficult!! I wanted to do something about this problem and my solution was NeeSee's Dresses! NeeSee is what my grandkids call me :) I love it, it's fabulous! I think I have a pretty great eye for fashion, so I started a modest and vintage dress clothing line named NeeSee's Dresses. It felt great to design dresses that I wouldn't have to alter to meet modesty standards, that washed well, and almost most importantly to me, fit very comfortably! My dresses are also of very high quality! I didn't want them falling apart or fading after the first wash or wear! To introduce you to my line, I wanted to share with you a dress I named The Natalie! This is one of my favorites from the collection. One reason it is one of my favorites is because it is so versatile and can be worn and accessorized so many ways!

The Church Go-er

This is how The Natalie comes when purchased! It is a great modest t-shirt dress that comes in a beautiful Dark Taupe. If the dress comes too long for you, it is an easy hem job. The matching lace vest features 3 tiers of lace and is removable. My daughter in law in wearing a size 6. She paired the dress with a vintage necklace and a pair of dark brown closed toe wedges. This dress is modest, fashionable, and perfect for church or other gatherings!

The Shopper & Fashionista

Like I mentioned earlier, the vest is removable! This modest outfit is fashion forward and perfect for a day at the mall, or a lunch or dinner date! Again this outfit is modest, but it is to die for as well! I told you modest clothing can be beautiful :)  We paired the lace vest with a modest dark brown t-shirt, a dark wash pair of skinny jeans and a great pair of boots!

The Formal Affair

As you can see, this modest dress can be worn SO many ways! The deep dark taupe color of this dress makes it easy to dress it up and so many accessories look great with this color. With this modest outfit, we chose to keep things simple by just wearing the modest t-shirt dress but by adding a statement piece: an amazing belt!! We sell similar belts on our website. This light pink statement belt makes this modest dress perfect for a formal occasion, for church or for a lovely dinner date! 

The Natalie is a great modest dress that is very high quality at a great price: $89.00 ! Get three great modest outfits from one beautiful modest dress! Stay tuned for more modest clothing outfits and ideas and don't forget to visit for more gorgeous modest dresses!